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DZAR (1026 kHz Metro Manila) Sonshine Radio is a flagship AM station owned and operated by Sonshine Media Network International in the Philippines. The station’s studio is located at the 3rd Floor, ACQ Tower Building (formerly Jacinta Building I/NBC Tower

Company Overview
Sonshine Radio is the official radio station of Sonshine Media Network International with over 17 stations all over the Philippines, giving it a strong nationwide coverage. Sonshine Radio is also broadcasted worldwide via livestream at www.sonshineradio.com/manila. DZAR 1026 Manila is Sonshine Radio’s flagship station.

Sonshine Radio addresses the basic concerns of everyday life. It’s goal is to serve the Filipino people with direct public services.

Sonshine Radio’s veteran and professional anchors carry live on-air discussions on a wide range of topics such as news and current affairs, health care, employment, housing, the consumer market, sport news, environmental concerns, social responsibility and many more. Plus the Word of God is broadcasted via Sonshine Radio brought to you by the revolutionary preacher, Pastor Apollo C. Quiboloy.

Sonshine Radio has gained an avid listener base among different sectors of society making this radio the most credible and the fastest growing “alternative media” radio station in the broadcast industry.

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